Crisis Cafe is a commentary as well as a study and discussion forum for for Cri Hub.  Crisis Cafe meets once a month in actual cafes beginning August 2017 as online in a Facebook closed discussion group (available in July).

Cri Hub is an initiative of academics, public intellectuals, artists, community leaders, and concerned citizens who are convinced we currently are at a pivotal moment of CRIsis.

We take seriously the cultural and political moment in which we find ourselves–a worldwide crossroads we’ve not seen for decades.

We think the solution is to ask better questions, to learn from those who’ve mobilized in the past, to read relevant books, and to invite the perspectives of the artistic visionaries among us.

We host events, lectures, educational courses, artistic experiences—anything that creates a “cafe culture” where we can openly discuss cultural concerns, as well as explore often-unconscious binaries and prejudices.

We are interested in concrete actions, theories, events, and dialogues that raise public awareness.

You’re invited to contribute your voice to both our community and our conversation.  

If you are interested in contributing something – an article, a thought piece, an event, your time, or anything else, please get in touch with us.